Talent Recruitment

Timberword regards employees as company’s most precious wealth, is ready to attract outstanding potential talents, gives full play to their personal abilities and creates good growth environment for each employee.  Timberword’s Talent Employing Philosophy: morality foremost, job matching, fulfilling duty, teamwork
Morality foremost: 
consider “morality first, ability second” as employing standard, “when someone has morality but without talent, his morality can be utilized; when someone has both morality and talent, he should be put in an important position; and when someone has talent but without morality, it is hard to utilize his talent.” 
Job matching:
Each post has its own professional requirements, only when an appropriate person is put on a suitable position can he/she becomes a talent and fully release his/her potential abilities.  
Fulfilling duty: 
be highly responsible for work, conduct oneself--in good faith; do things--serious, dedicated, innovative and striving for excellence.  
a drop of water is small, however, it surges forward with great momentum when it converges into ocean; a grain of soil is slight, however, it becomes spectacular when it accumulates into high mountain. Personal power is weak, however, it depends on an outstanding team and can move towards success as the team grows. 
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